May. 12th, 2014

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Any remaining LJ people: I need your help collecting funny bad reviews from around the internet! By ‘funny bad reviews’ I mean:

a) Reviews of absolutely terrible products/services; aka things that are unusually terrible enough to be amusing (“The waiter threw up on my girlfriend and accused us of being lizard people” “The condoms have a tendency to catch fire under heavy friction”)

b) Reviews of good products/services written by dumb people; the reviewer is so clueless or incompetent that the review becomes funny. (“I am giving this ‘The Godfather’ DVD set one star because it would have worked better as an anime”  “The kosher deli manager was rude and glared at me when I ordered a ham-and-cheese sandwich; will not return ONE STAR”)

Both types must be negative reviews, i.e. one- or two-star (or 3/10 or thumbs down or whatever, depending on the rating system)

If you have seen any of these, or happen to come across any, please send them to me by giving me the link to the review to coville dot c at gmail dot com. If you send me something that ends up in the finished work I will do my best to get you in the ‘Acknowledgements’ section! In print!

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