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I thought I'd start posting a bit more here, even though it's Livejournal and there are probably only 6 people reading it anymore and 5 of those are Russian spambots that have secretly gained sentience somehow. I planned and tried for a long time to do everything I used to do here on Tumblr, but it's never quite worked out, because whenever I write something on Tumblr I just get afraid that someone is going to reblog my post with a note underneath proving that what I wrote was racist, because this seems to comprise about 80% of the activity on Tumblr (the rest is porn gifs).

Anyway, I thought I'd start with a link to one of my favorite short horror stories, Thurnley Abbey. I post it here because it's become apparent that it's one of those hipster horror stories that no one has ever heard of. Whenever someone writes an introduction to it they always talk about how super mega anthologized it is, and yet even the people I know who own a whole shelf of horror anthologies don't seem to have read it. I'll put the reasons I like it under a cut, because it's online behind that link and you really should read it before I spoil it for you. GO READ IT NOW.

Done? GOOD FOR YOU. this is why I like it:

  • Active protagonist. This is kind of hard to do in a ghost story, when the main thrust of the plot is something happening to somebody rather than someone does something. It makes it more personal somehow, and thus scarier

  • Really good at managing tension. I'd go into this further except it's 1:27 am and I have mastitis and it totally sucks

  • Related to the first reason: The people behave like real people, rather than "people in a ghost story." Something about the guy at the end just saying You didn't speak to her strikes me as the kind of absurd reaction an actual person would have in a situation like this. Which is another thing that makes it scarier


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