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She's just the worst, guys. Her biggest flaw (out of many) is that she refuses to eat without encouragment and supervision. Which means that at least four or five times a day she'll come up to you meowing demanding that you lead her over to her food. When you do that, she'll indicate in cat body language that this food is more than 30 seconds old and therefore not up to her standards. If you give up on getting her to eat the old food and go get a new can for her, and then attempt to resume what you were doing, she will stop eating the food and follow you to your new location. AND THEN START MEOWING FOR FOOD AGAIN.

This wouldn't be that terrible if she didn't have the worst "I'm hungry" timing available, like when I have just sat down to nurse a baby.

My cat, seen here looking for food (probably)

The other major issue is her dog-like levels of neediness. If she doesn't get about 9 hours of human-directed attention a day, she'll react by acting out: knocking shit over, chewing on stuff (she literally chews shoes, like a dog), wailing at the top of her lungs. And once again, her timing is impeccable so she invariably does this when I can't pay attention to her because babies. So half the time someone will get fed up with her breaking stuff and put her in kitty jail (the laundry/mud room that has her litter box and cat bed), which means she gets even less attention, which means she acts out more, which means she ends up in kitty jail again...

Her non-meowing method of getting attention consists of biting you. Not hard enough to break the skin or anything, but hard enough to be annoying. She'll sneak up behind you and do it when she's really bad, but mostly she just waltzes right up and bites your foot or something. She also "plays" by going up and biting any human body part that she sees moving and nipping at it. Which was all well and good until she did it to Daughter the other night. Nobody was hurt (she wasn't biting hard) and I'm not worried about her seriously hurting a baby, but what could very likely happen is that she bites the babies enough that they get scared of her. Which is just what everyone needs, more screaming babies.

The obvious solution to this is to find her a new home with someone who can give her the attention she needs. She would actually be an ideal pet for someone who works from home and needs cat-supplied excuses to take a break and play with a kitty for a while. When she's getting a lot of attention and has someone to lead her to food every hour or so, she's not THAT bad. But she's in a household with two babies and two people working, and she's obviously unhappy here and that sucks for everyone.

The problem: I'm honestly worried that if we rehome her, she might end up getting sent to a shelter because she is THAT DAMN ANNOYING guys. I've literally had people who love cats and have had multiple cats their whole life tell me "Your cat is the worst. She's the first cat I have ever not wanted." There's a friend of the family that actually runs a kind of kitty orphanage in her house and who deals with feral cats all the time and has cat tattoos and is basically the biggest cat lover you can imagine, who told me that she hates my cat (I DO NOT BLAME HER. MY CAT WAS VERY BAD AROUND HER). It's like the kitty has magic hate-aura powers or something. At least in this house we're all used to her and she's not going to end up in a shelter or abused or anything, just bored.

So yeah, I'm stuck. THANKS KITTY.
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Date: 2016-03-03 12:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
would you be open to taking her back if the new owners decide they dont want to put up with her shenannigans? i mean, instead of new owners sending her to a shelter, you get her back?

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Date: 2016-03-03 12:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I would be open to that! I mean, there's the potential problem that telling people "we will take her back if you want!" might scare people off because then they're wondering what the hell might be wrong with the cat. But I guess we should try hard to let them know what they're getting into anyway.

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Date: 2016-03-04 11:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm sorry. That sucks. :(

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