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If I was in an unoriginal horror movie this would involve some ancient secret curse or something! Because Aramaic is one of those supposedly creepy languages that gives horror an authentic Judeo-Christian flavor! Actually it's just a lot like Hebrew with really bad spelling!

But speaking of ancient horror, here's some awesome Assyrian curses!

"May Venus, the brightest among the stars, let your wives lie in the embrace of your enemy before your very eyes."

"May they use you like women in the sight of your enemy."

"May you eat in your hunger the flesh of your children, may, through want and famine, one man eat the other's flesh, clothe himself in the other's skin; let dogs and pigs eat your flesh."

"May Gula, the great physician, put illness and weariness into your hearts, an unhealing sore in your body, so that you bathe in your own blood as if in water."

"Just as this ewe is cut open and the flesh of its young placed in its mouth, so may he make you eat in your hunger the flesh of your brothers, your sons, and your daughters."

"May they strangle you, your women, your sons and daughters, with a cord."

"Just as lead does not resist fire, so may you not resist your enemies, but take your sons and daughters by the hand and flee."

"When your enemy pierces you, may there be no wax, oil, zinzaru or cedar balsam available to put on your wounds."

"May the great gods of heaven and earth, who inhabit the world, all those that are named in this tablet, strike you down, look with disfavor upon you, curse you angrily with a baleful curse, may they uproot you from the living... may the earth not receive your body for burial, may the bellies of dogs and pigs be your burial place, your days should be somber, your years dark, may they decree for you an unrelieved darkness, your lives should end in sighs and sleeplessness, may a flood, an irresistible deluge, rise from the bowels of the earth and devastate you, may all that is good be abhorrent to you, all that is evil be bestowed upon you, let tar and pitch be your food, donkey urine your drink, naphtha your ointment, river rushes your covers, and evil spirits, demons, and lurkers select your houses as their abode."

ASSYRIANS FTW. You guys rocked. I particularly liked the curse that apparently makes people French.

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